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Opportunities for Special Gifts to the Collection

To preserve the architecture and historic collection into the future, the Office of the Curator ensures maintenance and conservation of these exceptional masterpieces.  Below are opportunities to fund special conservation projects at the Diplomatic Reception Rooms.  Through your gift, you ensure that the nation’s distinguished heritage serves as a lasting legacy to modern diplomacy.

Barter for a Bride
John Mix Stanley (American painter, 1814-1872), “Barter for a Bride” c. 1850, oil on canvas

John Mix Stanley, one of the nation’s foremost painters of Western and Frontier Art, joined the Pacific Railroad Survey, which brought him into contact with the Blackfeet Native Americans of Montana.  Widely viewed as an exceptional masterpiece, this painting captures the Blackfeet Native Americans in accurate and vivid detail.  On January 24, 1865 a fire destroyed 150 Indian subjects by John Mix Stanley on exhibition at the Smithsonian Castle, making “Barter for a Bride” a rare survival from the artist’s cannon.  Recent analysis by a painting conservator estimated conservation to be $5,000.00.

  Diplomatic Reception Rooms