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Making Our Mark: Establishing a New Logo for the Diplomatic Reception Rooms

 |  November 05, 2021

The Office of Fine Arts is pleased to introduce the new logo of the Diplomatic Reception Rooms – a richly storied symbol sourced from the heart of the State Rooms that captures their history, beauty, mission, and meaning.

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Materials Spotlight: Porcelain

 |  November 08, 2021

Porcelain has fascinated and charmed for centuries. In the DRRs, these functional and decorative objects come together to tell a national story of culture, art, science, trade, commerce and patriotism.

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The Diplomatic Reception Rooms belong to us all.

 |  November 04, 2021

The DRRs were created entirely through donations by American citizens. Director Marcee Craighill invites you to continue this great legacy of philanthropy.

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